Ready to UNLRN?

Well, you’re covered here.

No matter where you are, the UNLRN Series will be there. Travel for work? Part of a remote team? Work from home? Maybe your workplace isn’t engaged in equity and justice work but you want to be?



UNLRN Series offers:

  • ready-made online course and webinar opportunities for individuals and small community and workplace groups

  • customizable options for workplace communities interested in engaging as a larger group

  • Interactive, online opportunities to engage in community for marginalized folx

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In the 30-minute webinar, we’ll get into what exactly the UNLRN Series offers up, why you’ll want to start your UNLRNing, and how our relationship can build over time as your transform your approach to your working and personal life by harnessing the impact an equitable, intersectional, accountable, anti-oppressive approach can have.

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