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Let’s talk! Our initial free 30-min consultation is just to get a sense of your needs and goals, Ro will go over some sample package options with you, and answer any questions you might have!

The unique needs of your workplace are assessed and analyzed prior to developing a package for you, complete with multiple options, rates, and timelines.

This is a deeply bespoke process, tailored specifically to your individual and community needs. 

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In an effort to be inclusive and mindful of the differing circumstances of each individual or group who seeks out UNLRN PRJCT for consulting and educational guidance, a sliding scale determines the fees associated with each level of consultation, and with any offerings through the UNLRN Series.

UNLRN PRJCT is first and foremost concerned with equity, accountability, and justice, so accounting for the differing levels of privilege, access, power, and oppression experienced by clientele is a priority.