One-ON-one with RO



One-on-One with Ro sessions are confidential, accountable, mindful spaces to explore your approach to anti-oppression, and find your way to action.

They will be tailored to your unique needs, and can include any combination of:


    • ideal for consultants, teachers, health and wellness practitioners, mental health service providers, and professionals in leadership positions.


    • ideal for folx who would like to focus in on their anti-oppressive practice in their private and community lives. video and voice guidance sessions

  • weekly, biweekly, or monthly accountability sessions

  • ongoing text/email-based interaction and guidance

  • written and interactive exercises

We might start our dialogue with an initial 60-minute video session, followed by a written reflective exercise, a feedback session, and from there a decision to continue with a regular accountability session schedule, and/or tailored guidance based on your particular needs.

Some examples of folx who could benefit from Ro’s guidance:

  • You’re an educator who is prepping a course and would like to incorporate the methodologies of intersectionality and anti-oppressive praxis into the fabric of your offerings.

  • You’re a mental health service provider and you have a client whose lived experience differs from yours and you need guidance in navigating it, or, you’re struggling with balancing your desire.

  • You’ve started your UNLRNing process at work, or through the UNLRN Series, and you’re looking for tailored guidance specific to your identities and contexts. You care, and now you want to take action to be anti-oppressive, mindful, and active in all the work you do.

  • You simply want to learn how to translate anti-oppressive knowledge into your personal praxis, your way of being in the world. And, you need guidance to engage in this lifelong work with intention and determination.


Whether you benefit systemically from privilege, navigate oppression, or some combination of the two (as is most often the case), having a guide, a coach, a mentor to help you through the difficult process of mindfully holding yourself accountable and creating space for care, can be instrumental in building up your ability to show up in the world for those around you.

One-on-One With Ro sessions can provide you with a private, accountable space within which to find that support.

After all, there’s no separating out the personal and the professional when it comes to understanding systemic oppression, white supremacy, settler colonialism, heteropatriarchy and how these broad systems impact our lives and communities.

When we recognize the broad reach of systemic oppression, and the way it is in one way or another interwoven with every aspect of our lives, it makes sense to seek guidance for how to navigate it throughout our lived experience.



**Just as with all UNLRN PRJCT offerings, there is a sliding scale available for One-on-One with Ro sessions, and anyone and everyone is welcome to apply to start an ongoing dialogue.

We will create an accountable space in mindful collaboration with one another, and find the best ways for you to move forward in your work.