UNLRN PRJCT Collaborators

See below and check back often for feedback from UNLRN PRJCT Collaborators!

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Action Dignity — Calgary, AB, Canada

[Non-Profit Client]

“I had the pleasure of having Ro facilitate a session on Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces for the Alberta CCE Initiative. The session was excellent and Ro is an exceptional facilitator. The content that was discussed within the session was extremely helpful for the CCE and I feel like I now have a concrete understanding of the ways to make workplaces better, more sustainable, and to create meaning and intentionality within the words of our movements. Ro has helped me to understand how to activate our movements and to move from passive to active. Anti-Racism work requires incredible self-reflection, and the workshop facilitated by Ro helped me to reflect on myself, my work, and the future of Anti-Racist movements. “

-T. Erskine, Program Coordinator, Action Dignity



S. H. — B.C., Canada

[Individual and Community Group Client]

“Ro provides a structure for learning that integrates feelings, theory and practice from a relational perspective. I highly value the space Ro has created where we engage in difficult work, grounded by accountability. Ro is an exceptional teacher, with a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the oppression of racism. The process, as well as the content designed by Ro, is in every way, a thoughtful and effective undermining of white supremacy, which offers revolutionary learning for those of us who benefit from/reinforce this oppression.”