Big Plans Afoot

Ro is working toward growing the UNLRN PRJCT into a distributed collective of folx with a wide variety of expertise, all of them dedicated to creating equitable, anti-oppressive workplaces through methods based in intersectionality, Social justice, and decolonial praxis. 

More than another cog in the machine, UNLRN PRJCT is meant to create transformational change within the lives of individuals and work and community spaces, and bring that change to surrounding marginalized communities. 

If you'd like to hear more about the process, get in touch! Join Ro and engage in mindful, uplifting, challenging action-based work that counters the easy-fix, bandaid solution culture of 'diversity' work.

UNLRN PRJCT is meant to create a foundation upon which we can build over time, to change the way we do work and interact with our worlds.