If you’re here, you’re someone ready to act to create an equitable and just world.

Whether you engage with UNLRN PRJCT as a learner participating in UNLRN Series Courses and offerings, an individual, or an equitable, anti-oppressive workplace consulting client, the hope is, you’re someone interested in an ongoing relationship with learning and unlrning.

UNLRN PRJCT works best with folks who want change, want it now, and who want it to last.

UNLRN PRJCT builds ongoing, primarily remote-based partnerships with folks who are forward-thinking, and ready to acknowledge where they need a helping hand on the way to creating equitable spaces.

In addition to an ethos of accountability and mindful communication, UNLRN PRJCT builds partnerships on transparency, and focuses on remote collaborative opportunities


It’s key.

We build by first understanding your organization's goals and intentions, and establishing dialogues with your HR, existing E&I committees, and departments.

Next, we assess and refigure what you have established, starting with:

  • hiring practices, strategic planning and assessment processes,

  • recruitment and retention methods,

  • reporting structures and policies

  • space for mindful reflection and lasting community building.

    All these efforts require transparency and forthright communication.

UNLRN PRJCT promises a detailed, comprehensive, tailored approach to creating a more equitable space to support the diversity in identity and experience within your workforce and the communities you serve. And, we'll need a clear picture to start the ball rolling. 

Remote Work

Building equitable spaces is necessarily a global project, and the future of most workspaces lives online.

While in-person options are available for our work together, the bulk of the work can be done remotely, with a plethora of online learning and communication options available, from webinars to videoconferencing, to live online interactive courses.

The upsides are enormous—working remotely together allows us to build an ongoing, sustainable relationship.

Working remotely allows UNLRN PRJCT to:

  • support the equitable growth of your work, while maximizing communication opportunities

  • work around difficult and conflicting schedules

  • collaborate beyond time zones and borders

  • honour the plethora of learning styles and needs in your working community.




If your team is ready, and looking for guidance about next steps to make doing better more doable, then you've come to the right place.

The PRJCT is ideally positioned to address issues in any field, and is flexible, adaptable, and detail-oriented. You can rely on UNLRN PRJCT to do the due diligence to match our customized approach, materials, and methods to the particularities of your field. A few examples of ideal clients include: 

  • Small to medium-sized companies involved in education, tech, arts/entertainment, sustainability, culture and tourism, advertising/design, and more.

  • Health and wellness / integrative health / athletics organizations interested in increasing the inclusivity of their praxis (i.e. body positivity, gender and sexual identity inclusion, refiguring philosophical approaches with intersectional and socially just methods, etc.)

  • Non-profit organizations concerned with uplifting marginalized communities and interested in making their praxis intersectional.

  • Post-secondary institutions, and the Equity & Inclusion departments and professional programs therein.

  • NGOs interested in applying an intersectional, social justice praxis to their work in alignment with global understandings of systemic inequity.

  • Larger companies and corporations interested in large-scale overhaul of organizational culture and robust, comprehensive, and ongoing techniques for change in collaboration with existing organizational resources.

  • Community groups formed in service of marginalized communities interested in fostering intersectional approaches and moving forward in an equitable way.

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